The latest message for female writers do


The latest message for female writers dont think, just spill


Michael looked from Eve to Sarah, not truly understanding what was going on. He moved instinctively towards Eve even as Sarah was moving towards him. Then all thought fled his brain when Eve melted her body into his.

Fredrick watched all of this happening with a frown on his face. He knew Sarah was going to be the wild card in all of this. She was just too nice, too pure, to believe everything that Eve was saying. If Eve didn’t get Michael to make a decision soon, he feared that Sarah would make this far more difficult than expected. He wondered if telling her that she would die if she didn’t take Eve’s offer would make a difference. Oh, but he couldn’t do that. It was against the rules. A human had to make the decision without any of the pros or cons of the truth. If they knew what would happen to them if they said no, then the other side could forfeit that human’s fate. And he really didn’t want to forfeit Sarah’s fate of death just because he was curious to see if knowing she was going to die would help sway her outcome.

© DJ Shaw